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Southern Chile


While the better known ski resorts are in Northern Chile, there are an abundance of ski resorts in the South that are very scenic and where Chilean Patagonia begins.  The southern ski resorts are at lower elevation  then the northern resorts so generally they get less or wetter snow, but this is in general,  and often the Southern ski resorts can get more snow like in 2010 and 2011 so it depend on the snow year.

The biggest and best known ski resort in Southern Chile is Nevados de Chillan (formerly called Termas de Chillan). It is 5.5 hours south of Santiago and a beautiful location with trees and natural hot springs surrounding the ski resort. It is not as big as all 3 valleys ski resorts combined but is bigger then any of the individual ski resorts. Here you have the option of accommodation at the base in one of the 2 hotels or in the small town of Las Trancas  20 minutes below the ski resort.  Antillanca, Arenales, Antuco, Corralco, Huilo Huilo and Pucon/Villarica are all smaller resorts that are great spots but that we don’t recommend for more then 1-2 days.  Want to go to Osorno or Torres del Paine during the winter or the summer? We are happy to help you out for an unforgettable trip there.

Nevados de Chillan

Cabañas en Las Trancas  

Whatever your desire, we are happy to combine skiing & snowboarding in Chile at any of these resorts with wine tours, city tours or anything else in or near Santiago to help you enjoy a truly complete ski or snowboard vacation to Chile and get to see the most out of Santiago and nearby wine country and also coastal towns of Vina del Mar and Valparaiso.  



Full country name:Republic of Chile
Area: 748,800 sq km
Population: 15.5 million
Capital City:Santiago (pop 5,000,000)
People:95% European descent & mestizo, 5% Indian
Language: Aymara, Spanish (Castellano), Rapanui
Religion: 89% Roman Catholic, 10% Protestant, less than 1% Jewish
Government: Republic
Head of State: President Ricardo Lagos Escobar

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