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Guests Testimonials


What do past guests have to say about us and South America in general?




This trip was for an Oakley apparel test. A large group, many of us took different ways of getting there. Some bags arrive the following day, off to Mendoza by Plane then a rather long bus ride, 8.5hrs to Las Lenas.

The Skiing was far worth all  the time to get there. Skiing nothing but Off-Piste Powder, mostly hiking.  Many times the weather dictates what happens there with the Marte lift, but not on the 4 days some of us got. Five days of travel for the Best  Las Leñas trip ever.

Thanks to Mark for dealing with all the logistics, and Jose for showing us the secret ways and of course all the Boys from the O.


Seth Morrison

Pro Skier 




Just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for an outstanding adventure in Argentina!  We were thoroughly impressed with the entire experience and would recommend to anyone your services. 

We thoroughly enjoyed the backcountry trip with Jorge.  He is a great guide and the backcountry experience will forever remain one the highlights of our trip.  The huit at Refugio Frey is outstanding with great people from all around  

While it is good to be home, Argentina certainly became a part of our hearts.  We are pretty sad to be done with the adventure but are looking forward to our future adventures.  Please look us up if you are ever in Colorado or the USA.  We will be in touch  

Thank you again for making our honeymoon so outstanding in every way  



Rob and Emeily Vecchiarelli  
Denver, Colorado



Bariloche Views



Hi Huere,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say that all the arrangements were flawless and I had a very enjoyable vacation. Thank you very much for your assistance! Thanks also to your other Agents. The snow was good and the snowboarding was good too. The hotel in BA was excellent but the Panamericano in Bariloche was not as good.   

I certainly look forward to another Argentinian vacation.

Thanks again


Rodwell King

Ohaio, USA

Bariloche Views  



It was a great month, a unique and special premier experience for me in the Andes. I saw a huge amount of terrain, met many great people, and of course made a lot of great turns. From Valle Nevado and El Colorado, to Ski Arpa Cat Skiing, to gong-show Cajon Grande, then on to Las Leñas with locals and Oakley, and finally to Portillo, SA did not disappoint. I could not have asked for a better ending to a trip then winning the SKIING photo challenge here with my partner Chad Sayers. Was great to see the sights and some secret spots in the cities of Santiago, Valparaiso and Mendoza as well.  A special thanks to Mark Lasseter of southamericaski.com who played a huge part in making my time in South America killer.

Jordan Manley
Pro Photographer
Whistler, BC




Alberto, Alejandro and Huere thanks for organizing a great corporate trip to Buenos Aires and Bariloche, Argentina for us.

The restaurants, activities, and of course the great skiing and snowboarding at Cerro Catedral were fantastic and our employees were so pleased with this incentive trip as a reward for them.
Riccardo Mora
Constellation Brands




We had a great time in Chile even though we were there later in the season late September. Thanks for all the helpful advice and suggesting we stay in Chile for the September 18 national holiday and party. That night in Farellones was really fun and different experience for sure.

Thanks for hooking us up with Vince and especially Juan who took us on the awesome out of bounds road runs in Valle Nevado and El Colorado that had great terrain and steep chutes. A great trip just not to shoot photos, but we had fun as well.
Erik Seo, Pro Photographer, Park City, Utah, USA
Anna Seagal, Pro Skier, Sydney, Australia




Yes, the smiles say it all!  A non-stop 2 weeks of action with each day better than the last!  Your planning provided for a flawless 2 weeks of the best snow and culture that we could have found. Mendoza, Las Leñas, Santiago, Farellones and 3 Valleys a great combo!  Every step of our  itinerary was executed by your team without even a second of wasted time!  I will definetly be back, and tell every skier I know they should call you and plan their trip soon!

Thank you!!

John Fortin, CSIA Ontario
Director, Toronto, Canada



Just a quick note to thank you for helping us organize an incredible vacation to Chile. We had a great time and enjoyed everything. I'd like to repeat next year. All the details were perfect. Valle Nevado, the transfers, the wine tour around Los Andes and Casa San Regis, and Ski Arpa cat skiing were all awesome. Thanks again. 

Brad, Suzi and Dylan Taylor
Florida, USA




I wanted to thank everyone at Southamericaski.com for two of the best months I have ever had while in South America in 2008. I first went with some other friends from England in 2007 to Bariloche and Las Leñas and we had a great time and skied tons of powder and with great people like Huere and Doug.I knew I had to go back so was happy to return July and August 2008 on a press project with Ultimate-Ski.com out of the UK to research the various ski resorts, cities and shoot photos going from Santiago to El Colorado, Ski Arpa Cat Skiing, Penitentes, Mendoza, Las Leñas, Cajon Grande and Bariloche.


Southamericaski.com did a great job helping me with every single aspect of my trip and project and letting me tag along with some of their guided tours and meet their friends and experience some things seriously off the beaten path.

A special thanks to Travis and especially Doug who was like the big brother I never had for the 2 months of my trip.

Peter Wilson,
Pro Photographer + Ultimate-ski.com 
London, Uk




The bottom line is that this was one of the best trips I've ever taken and  Southamericaski.com was flawless in the planning and execution. I appreciate that I asked you so many questions but in the end, the Valle Nevado, Heliskiing , Ski Arpa Cat Skiing, Portillo combo was just perfect.  The conditions at Ski Arpa were great and the Casa San Regis accomodations were perfect. Portillo was an easy drive from there too (we left early afternoon Thursday before the storm).


The heli was a dream come true.  Amazing conditions. Juan was fantastic.  He really made our Valle Nevado trip. Valle Nevado had some great terrain and Hotel Puerta Del Sol was a good hotel as well. I want to plan another trip to Whistler in March so we should chat about that in a few months. Such a great time.
Brian Hacklish
New York, USA




Just a note to say THANK YOU so much for all that you have done for us, we have enjoyed our stay at Cerro Castor so much!  And you have been a critical component of our fantastic holiday!

Thank you again, you have been fantastic - and your English is GREAT!
Kindest regards
Michelle (and the Ridley family)
Johanesburg, South Africa






This trip was a long time coming. As teenagers my brother Jess  and I first learned of this Las Leñas place from the pages of Powder, Boards in Motion and early Freeze. Friends who’d been there filled our 19 year old heads with tales of big lines, late nights and hot women. We had to go.

In 1998 we booked our trip and began waiting for the snow to fall in Las Leñas. We waited and waited, pushing our trip back a week and then another. Eventually in August of 1998 we realized the snow wasn’t coming, the resort wasn’t opening and we inevitably cancelled our trip. Ten years later we finally got our chance. Two weeks in Las Leñas. The high winds and a closed Marte continued for the next 3 days after our arrival. We spent our time poking around the lower mountain finding good snow more often than not. We had a lot of fun, but it’s hard to settle for the lower mountain when you’re drooling for the big lines offered above. On Monday night it started snowing, the beginning of what would eventually be a 3 day storm cycle that delivered more than 3 feet of snow to Las Leñas.

And then on Friday September 5th, after 3 days of storm skiing we got a blue bird day and a rumored 10:30 Marte Opening.  And this is why we came. The amazing thing about the Marte chairlift is just how much terrain it offers and as a result you can still have some amazing turns the day after a storm. Some great days of powder, blue sky skiing followed that we will never forget. We could not have been more stoked on the facilities and are two weeks in Las Leñas. We also appreciated Alejandro taking us around in Buenos Aires and locating our missing bag.  Needless to say we were also incredibly impressed by everyone we’ve dealt with at Southamericaski.com.

Thanks Huere, Alex, Juan Pablo and Mark.
Jess + Jay Errecarte
California, USA




First I have to say this is one of the best trips I have ever been on and was happy to do and see some things we probably would not have seen if we had just tried to do things on our own. Thanks so much for being flexible and being with us to allow for last minute decisions on where to go based on best snow and possibility for light and sun to allow for the best possible shooting that we were doing for Norwegian Fri Flyt ski magazine and the travel documentary TV show Reiseml  (Destinations in English). 

Thanks for the whirlwind trip that started in Santiago and went all over the place and finally had us return back through Bariloche back up to Santiago.
Pedro Matos,
Pro Skier, Helly Hansen
Oslo, Norway




To all:I just wanted to say "Thank You" for a wonderful trip to Ushuaia and Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Except for one of my bags not showing up for 40 hour it was a great trip. I appreciated all the work you did to recover my one bag that showed up late. I allowed Aerolenias Argentinas 24 hours to deliever the bag to my hotel. After the bag didn't show up I knew I had to contact you, and you delivered. Thanks for the work you did on this. Everyone(John, Gary, Priscilla, and Dick) on the trip had a wonderful time. The snow, the people, the food, and the town was great. Sorry for the delay in sending this message, but I wanted to let you know how I appreciated the services you provided to us for this trip.
Kevin Juhl
Texas, USA




Not only was this the best ski trip of my life, it was the best adventure and vacation of my life. The combination of helicopter skiing pristine powder in Valle Nevado, road runs off of El Colorado in a van and 1 day in a pick up truck skiing steep lines and picking up local snowboarders to help them out, time in the city of Santiago, wine tour stops on the way to resorts as a break, Termas de Chillan views and stee Pirigallo Chutes, to staying in Los Andes at Casa San Regis and the awesome day Cat Skiing at Ski Arpa was unbelievable. A truly fun filled 10 days! Having Mark as our full time guide and host for our trip to Chile made a huge difference as he knew where to go and when and the best runs and where to find powder. His fluency in Spanish and the fact he knows everyone everywhere was cool and the 4 of us on this trip got to meet a lot of local and interesting people through him. In summary the best trip of my life and wanted to thank everyone at Southamericaski.com and especially Mark for his patience and love of what he does which he does well.
Robert Rowley, Jr.
Texas, USA




Valle Nevado, Chile was really great and the skiing awesome. I was most impressed with the slopes and the grooming. We were really lucky with the snow and this helps! The restaurants at the resort were also really excellent. The other thing that was great... It was not as busy as Europe and not hectic queues. Only got busy on Sunday after great snow and lots of day trippers...

We had a great trip and thanks again for all the organising.
Louise Kerby
South Africa






I booked a trip to Las Lenas without knowing much about the resort, however Mark Lasseter helped me out enormously.   He recommended the best time to arrive in Argentina, sorted out a place to stay in Mendoza, rented us an apartment, met us and introduced us to the locals and other skiers, and showed us a few choice lines accessed only by those in the know.  Any problem was sorted out by one phone call to Mark. 

Simply put the skiing in Las Lenas is the best in the southern hemisphere, there are vast quantities of easy access back country skiing, plenty of couloirs and the vertical drop on some lines far exceeds what you could hope for in a European resort.  I cannot wait to get back to Las Lenas, and I will certainly be using Mark to help me with my arrangements – thanks again Mark for introducing me to Las Leñas. I loved the place so much, I just bought an apartment there!
Tom Crossland
London, UK



Mark Lasseter and the team at Southamericaski.com made our trip to Las Leñas unforgettable. Mark lined out the perfect accommodations just steps from the lifts and helped put us in position to access the goods. I have traveled the globe in my career and Las Leñas is without a doubt one of the planet’s best ski areas.  

As South America is much trickier for travel than the states I recommend that you let Mark and his team make your arrangements. I’ll be back in 2006. 


Thanks, Mark


Sven Brunso
Pro Skier





“Awesome is an inadequate adjective to describe Las Leñas. The terrain, powder, people and food are fantastic. We love Las Leñas and Argentina so much we purchased a condominium there at the resort. Mark’s help was invaluable for simplifying our travels. His knowledge of the area, his command of the Spanish language and his excellent organizational skills made the trip a great success. Although we have just purchased an apartment in Las Leñas we plan to continue working with Mark to make our travel arrangements. ”
George Vukusic
Owner Easy Pay Accounting
Ontario, Canada



Mark, once again, we had a great time, thanks in large part to you and the great people of Argentina, and Las Leñas. Take care, and thanks again for a great time in Las Leñas. Great mountain, fantastic people, and a very fun vacation.

Thank Jose again for his help in arranging the tour of Buenos Aires.  Todd and I especially liked the Tango club.
Richard Budenz
California, USA



“Mark, thank you for everything, thank you for meeting me in Whistler, thank you for answering my endless stream of email questions, thank you for making every single arrangement completely flawlessly, thank you for meeting Amy and I in the Piscis Hotel lobby on the day we checked in, thanks for the call about the Snowcat day, thanks for setting up a day trip with Rubin to San Rafael and thanks for a nice bottle of red wine (which we shared back in BA with a Venezuelan couple that we met in Las Leñas).

Simply put, the trip was about as “Good as it Gets.”

John DeDea
New Jersey, USA
Manager, UPS




Thanks so much for organizing a great trip and a great time. Having someone take us around Buenos Aires and taking us out at night to special cool, unknown
bars and nightlife was key in making our time in Buenos Aires special. Of course Las Leñas had amazing terrain. Even though Marte was not really open that much when we were there, skinning up and skiing down was one of the best runs we have ever done and great Andean waist deep powder.


Thanks again.
Scott Levine Guide
Powder Mountain Group
Utah, USA 



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